Super Scrapped Robot is a retro action twin stick shooter in 4 shades of green!

Jump into the adventures of a tiny robot with the compulsion to put things on its head: The only source of joy in the fragments of an shattered planet.

"You can also play the full game in your Browser!"

Game Features

  • Adventure: Eleven thrilling quests and five hidden hats protected by mighty bosses.
  • Hardcore: Can you master five quests in a row? If not you will loose everything.
  • Action: Infinite generated levels with a bunch of enemies.
  • Couch: Gamepad support for Mac, Linux, Windows and your browser.
  • Multi-platform: Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows and in your browser.

Special Features

To get the special features you can pay what you want.

  • Rainbow Mode: Recolor the game in the colors of the Super Game Boy.
  • Challenge Mode: Compete against others for the fastest time in a weekly changing challenge.
  • Cheat Mode: Modify the game in various ways.

Feedback or Questions

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Quests full of adventures Fast action
Joy Infinite generated levels Personal disorder


"Why is there no Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Palm, Simbian, Sun Solaris, IE6, NeXt version of the game?"
We don't own it/We don't want to. Maybe the browser version will work fine.
"Why is the game free to play in the browser?"
You don't like that? You can pay what you want.
"Can I donate you all my money?"
Bitcoin Address: 13ubASALsxqQtFBy1DuHUmiWqBhMZbEoow
Paypal Donate:
Is the game written in assembler?
Nearly, it is proudly written in javascript. Also we used the impact javascript game engine.


Philip Wagner & Malte Buttjer

Music & Sound by

Adrian Block